10 Amazing Cross-Generation Mash-Ups and Match-Ups
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August 2016 Newsletter
The Generations — There's an Age Disruptor in All of Us
We have continued to meet so many inspiring disruptors we want to share with you. This month's highlights include:
A beloved 82-year-old Grandfather who celebrates the "coming of age" with each of his
9-year-old children and now grandchildren — with a 50 mile bike ride.
A collaboration among generations — in some very exciting pairings. Jay Z and his mom? Yup.
Surprise! Gen Xers, boomers and millennials have plenty in common — except for that
little matter of sexual attraction.
What it means to be "washed out" at age 27.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Own Your Age Sweepstakes. We'd like to give a shout-out to 65-year-old Joseph of New Jersey, who is the lucky disruptor among more than 265,000 submissions to win the big prize. Congratulations, Joseph! Keep disrupting and owning your age! In addition to the sweepstakes entries, more than 200,000 'own-your-age' pledges were made. Now that's momentum!
And finally, thank you for sending us your Disrupt Aging stories. This month, we share some of your stories in our new "Everyday Disruptors" section. Do keep sending them and tell us what is important to you, how you challenge ageism and continue to break down barriers.
Maryjane Fahey - Disrupt Aging Editor
We're Reading and Watching
Stories from around the web that we've enjoyed in the last weeks.
Why Advanced Style's Ari Seth Cohen Loves Stylish Older Women
We chat with the maker of mega hit Advanced Style. Ari shares with us what he has discovered from the ladies he adores and highlights on fearless aging, values — and surprising insights to Advanced Style's success.
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Generations Generating: 10 Mash-Ups and Match-Ups
Youngsters, oldsters, in-betweensters — all collaborating out of their demographic. Enjoy the ride from world renowned chefs to rap entrepreneurs who work — with their moms!
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Who's Got Game?
You'd be Surprised
With 41 million Americans over 50 describing themselves as gamers,
AARP jumps into the fray by hosting a GameJam.

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What Do 66-Year-Old Boomer Richard Gere and 39-Year-Old GenXer Orlando Bloom Have in Common?
The generations are far more similar than you might think — and then there's that little matter of sexual attraction. (Answer: 31-year old girlfriends!)
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Washed Up in the
Tech World — at 27?
Brutal ageism for young tech talent to prove themselves before 30 only adds to the mounting anxiety — and lawsuits — against Google and Twitter. Botox for 26-year-olds in Silicon Valley?
Oh, yeah ...
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See What Norman Lear is
up to. He's Still "All In"
The legendary 94-year old creator of some of the best sitcoms of all time (Maude, All in the Family among others) is aging with gusto — and creating new work about his "under-represented" demographic for TV. Don't miss the video — and bring tissues.

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The New York Times ››
What's Your Ideal Place to Grow Older? It Just May Be Washington D.C.
Cities are grappling with the needs of older Americans as their numbers increase. In Washington, The Age-Friendly DC Initiative began with encouragement from AARP-DC and local faith leaders. Older citizens in D.C. are now thriving.
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The New York Times ››
This Just In: Social Media Won't Ruin the Younger Generations
Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook behavior is actually nothing new. It may be just how we humans behave. A "hopeful" look at the future and our digital "addiction."
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Medium ››
This Month's Quote
You're Never Too Old to Feel Young
The iconic author, scholar, philosopher Gabriel Garcia Márquez got it right — and so can we.
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Meet Some of Our Everyday Disruptors
"Even though my hair may be grey, my mind is still vibrant."
— Vivian Batts
"In retirement we didn't start a new business, we didn't write a novel, didn't learn a new skill or fulfill a lifelong quest, we are simply changing diapers, making formula and providing little angels with lots of love."
— Genie Murphy
"Just start right where you are, right now, doing what you can."
— Lauren Windle
Keeping Up With Our Chief Age Disruptor
Beverly Johnson, Jo Ann Jenkins, and Blair Underwood.
The Disrupt Aging message continues to spread... Last month, Jo Ann joined the
Links 40th Assembly to lead a Disrupt Aging panel with radio and television personality, Donnie Simpson, actress Holly Robison Peete, actress Vivica A. Fox, super model Beverly Johnson, and actor Blair Underwood. Entitled "Fearless & Fabulous at 40 & Beyond", the panelists had an engaging — and honest — conversation about aging, careers, beauty, community service and philanthropy. The abundance of inner — and outer — beauty was noted.
Want to see what all the buzz is about? Check out Jo Ann's book Disrupt Aging and add your voice to the conversation about what it means to choose the way YOU want to live and age!
100% of AARP's royalties from Disrupt Aging book sales support the charitable work of AARP Foundation. Author Jo Ann Jenkins receives no payment or profit from Disrupt Aging book sales.
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