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September 2016 Newsletter
It's Fall! Are You Ready for Fashion
(and Fashionable) Disruptors?
We've got inspiring, surprising ideas and Disruptors to share with you this month!
Look fashionable with these smart bracelets that serve as a panic button, a fitness tracker or a notification device. Learn about the breakthrough and who inspired it all.
Enjoy the story behind Yvonne Watson, the Associate Dean for the School of Fashion at Parsons School of Design, a Disruptor in fashion and in education, leading new, young, future Disruptors into a world where fashion can make a difference — beyond "trend."
And just how does a 65-year-old tech-phobic dad become a YouTube sensation — and save a father-son relationship along the way? With open hearts, with no limits, and living the best life possible now — that's how!
We once again thank you for sending us your Disrupt Aging stories. Do keep sending them and tell us what is important to you, how you challenged ageism and broke down barriers. We look forward to sharing your stories with others in our "Everyday Disruptors" section.
Maryjane Fahey - Disrupt Aging Editor
We're Reading and Watching
Stories from around the web that we've enjoyed in the last weeks.
Fashion Leader Shows Style Can Have Plenty of Substance
Meet Yvonne Watson, the Associate Dean for the School of Fashion at Parsons School of Design, who is leading young, future disruptors into a world where fashion can make a difference beyond the runway.
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A Tech-Phobic Chinese Dad Becomes — a YouTube Star?
The transformation of a father-son relationship: YouTube and a passion for a good dim sum.

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The New York Times ››
Everyone Wants to Talk Disrupt Aging
And did we ever at the BlogHer conference held in Los Angeles! Ageism, breaking barriers, sharing ideas and support for disruptors of all ages were among the hot topics discussed.
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Boomers and Ageism —
It's Not Goin' So Well
Some stark realities for being on the "wrong side of 40" in the work place.

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The Washington Post ››
This Month's Advice
What's Cyndi Lauper's Advice for People as They Get Older?
Never take NO for an answer — among other things...
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Meet Some of Our Everyday Disruptors
Do keep sharing your stories with us! How do you break barriers in your life? How do you continue to fight ageism – no matter what age and circumstances? Here are some fellow Disruptors we wanted to share and we look forward to highlighting yours!
"When I was 21 I began writing a novel. Within 30 days I stopped, realizing I had nothing to say. At 80 I decided to resume novel writing. The result: "The Latina President." As I write this I hold the #3 place in political fiction weeks after publication."
— Joe Rothstein
"Three years ago, at age sixty seven, I left California to live by myself in a small wine village in southern French [sic] where I didn't know a soul and couldn't speak the language. Some people called me brave, others were less flattering. Me, I called myself a thirdager — a seeker of adventure and challenge."
— Janice Macdonald
"Back in the 1950s less than 20% of students, mostly males, went onto high education. I was told that I had to be a Secretary and could not go to college. My yearning became deeper. At the age of 72 I enrolled in college, and at present, have 40 credits!"
— Cathy Collura
Keeping Up With Our Chief Age Disruptor
Jo Ann Jenkins (left), Photo courtesy of Rachel Smith
Jean Chatzky (right), Photo courtesy of Nathaniel Welch/Redux
Health, Wealth and Self. Our CEO chats with Jean Chatzky on HerMoney about these three pillars to make sure the "next half" is as good — if not better — than your first. Get a grip on these three things and enjoy hearing Jo Ann's tips to put yourself on a healthier, wealthier and more self-satisfied track. The movement and message continue to grow!
Check out Jo Ann's book Disrupt Aging and add your voice to the conversation about what it means to choose the way YOU want to live and age!
100% of AARP's royalties from Disrupt Aging book sales support the charitable work of AARP Foundation. Author Jo Ann Jenkins receives no payment or profit from Disrupt Aging book sales.
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