8 Reasons Why I Won't Become My Mother
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November/December 2016 Newsletter
To Grandmother's House We Go…?
How do you navigate all the generations during the many gatherings this season? Is being home with family "a wonderful life", a nightmare — or a little bit of both? Speaking of family, ever think of combining a traditional family life with an intergenerational commune? It's a trend that’s growing. And a generation story we're loving — Tiffany Tieu, 26, and Laura Berick, 80, above, have become BFFs. They met at Judson Manor, a Cleveland retirement community that put two generations together by selecting a group of music students to live rent-free in exchange for performing concerts. Friendships and extended family have thrived. Welcome to the holidays through the lens of Disrupt Aging!
Maryjane Fahey - Disrupt Aging Editor
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Fasten Your Seat Belts…It's Going to be a Bumpy Family Holiday!
Or will it?!? A Disruptor's look and survival tips on modern holidays and modern family. What's it mean to you?
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Ageist Alert! Do You Sound Like an Old Fart?
Statements that will age you instantly. Don't say them. Don't even think them. Let us know if we forgot any...

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8 Reasons Why I Won’t Become My Mother. 8 Reasons Why I Just May…
You’re a rebel and you are positive you will be nothing like your mother. But things just may change...
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My Name is NOT Boomer or Gen X!
So why do marketers keep calling me that? Just say NO to getting pigeonholed.

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Can You See Yourself Living in This Intergenerational Commune?
More and more people can. In modern cohousing, groups of families keep their own private homes but share common spaces, like kitchens, garden sheds — and values.
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Just Keep Doing What You Love
And you'll be disrupting age...
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Meet Some of Our Everyday Disruptors
Are you defying age stereotypes? Are you breaking barriers in your life? How do you continue to fight ageism — no matter what age and circumstances? Here are some fellow Disruptors we wanted to share with you. We look forward to highlighting yours!
"After retirement I decided to take drum lessons. Now, at age 63, I am in a rock n roll band having the time of my life. ROCK ON!!"
— Kathy Oliver
"I started competing at 58. People ask why I do it. "Aren't you too old? Aren't you afraid you'll get hurt?" No, and no!"
— Michael French
"I decided at the age of 64 to start a blog. Together, my husband and I farm 400 acres, raise 86 cow/calf pairs, a few horses and dogs. I wanted to expose people to farm people, one story at a time."
— Sue Tebow
Keeping Up With Our Chief Age Disruptor
Ageism in Hollywood: The Last Bias
Recent events have spotlighted the lack of diversity in race and gender in Hollywood, but not much has been said about the bias that inevitably touches us all: Ageism. On November 1, in a Q&A with Variety Editor, Andrew Wallenstein, at the inaugural Variety Inclusion Summit, AARP CEO, Jo Ann Jenkins spoke about why it's smart both creatively and financially to "disrupt" past practices related to age, embrace empowered images of aging in our storytelling, and recognize the value and contribution of seasoned professionals behind the scenes, older actors, and the audience that wants to see them.
Check out Jo Ann's book Disrupt Aging and add your voice to the conversation about what it means to choose the way YOU want to live and age!
100% of AARP's royalties from Disrupt Aging book sales support the charitable work of AARP Foundation. Author Jo Ann Jenkins receives no payment or profit from Disrupt Aging book sales.
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