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January 2017 Newsletter
Our New Year’s Mantra: No, I’m Not Too Old for This!
It’s a new year, disruptors, and with it comes a new, fresh take on Disrupt Aging’s mission — banning ageism! When was the last time someone made an ageist remark to you — or to a friend in your presence? Kim Cattrall, as Samantha in Sex and the City in the clip above, is not gonna take it, and neither should we. Hollywood is changing — slowly. We’re witnessing shifts from the dark days of “You’re too old for this” to a new, modern view of being a valued contributor to life. We’re calling out ageism where we see it — from denying us dungarees at 53 (!) to maturity-mocking memes, we’re on the lookout for ageist attacks.  As we say au revoir to another passing year, we decided to ask disruptors — from a 17-year-old high school student to an incredible 103-year-old working woman — “What has been the best year of your life?” A reminder that we are, in fact, more alike than different. Here’s to another year of living the richest, fullest lives we can — at any age!
Maryjane Fahey - Disrupt Aging Editor
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Stories from around the web that we've enjoyed in the last weeks.
From Teenager to 103: We Asked Disruptors What Was Their Very Best Year
“It was a very good year” — as Frank Sinatra would say. We’ve asked ten disruptors to share with us the year that defined them. You’ll be as moved as we were…
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Sex and “The Fifties”
Sex and the City revealed raw truths about sex, love, friendship, and, most poignant, aging. Almost twenty years later in her series, Divorce, Sarah Jessica Parker takes on aging full force — but, no worries, she hasn’t forgotten sex…
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Beware — We’re Calling
You Out!
From denying us dungarees to maturity-mocking memes, we’re on the lookout for ageist attacks!

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Why Would a 70-year Old Successful Exec Return to Work — as an Intern?
We’ve read stories about 45-year olds going back to work as interns, but a 70-year-old ex-Merrill Lynch executive? Are we in a De Niro film? Read on.
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This Month's Quote
Purpose and Passion
Keep the “number” a non issue…
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Meet Some of Our Everyday Disruptors
Are you defying age stereotypes? Are you breaking age barriers in your life? Here are some fellow disruptors we wanted to share with you who are doing all that — and more. We look forward to highlighting your story!
“How am I an age disruptor? By living every single day with passion and purpose. Just returned from Morocco where I did a trip solo style. Next: bringing in the new year in Iceland.”
— Della Beaver
“After retiring, at age 69, I am as fit as I have ever been. Backpacking, writing, and photography have become my passions with the culmination of several personal photo/poetry books.”
— Doug Scrima
“When I was 61, my son invited me to go hiking in Scotland. I was in no shape to say yes. But he had recently grabbed hold of his life and I couldn’t say no. I began my journey to make it happen and my relationship to what is possible. ”
— Mary Campbell
Keeping Up With Our Chief Age Disruptor
Jo Ann at the National Book Festival, Today Show with Joan Lunden, leading “Fearless & Fabulous at 40 & Beyond” with Beverly Johnson
Credits: Matt Roth, Kathryn Fenci, Courtesy of L. Marie Bennett Group
What a momentous ten months it has been for Jo Ann since launching the national best seller, Disrupt Aging. She started off the tour taking part in a three-day series exploring “The New Middle Age” on NBC’s Today Show, then off to lead Links 40th Assembly entitled “Fearless & Fabulous at 40 & Beyond” to lead a Disrupt Aging panel with radio and television personality, Donnie Simpson, actress Holly Robison Peete, actress Vivica A. Fox, super model Beverly Johnson, and actor Blair Underwood. Then, off to join Jean Chatzky on Her Money discussing the three tips for a healthier financial life, and later Jo Ann joined the National Book Festival at the Washington Convention Center for an in-depth look at AARP’s work in the community and on aging. Jo Ann ended the year with a star studded event on Ageism in Hollywood at the Variety Inclusion Summit, recognizing the power and worth of older actors. And this is just the beginning of a movement that is growing. Disrupt Aging is a rallying cry for all of us with Jo Ann as our Chief Age Disruptor.
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