Sex, Lies and Dogs on Videotape
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March 2017 Newsletter
Sex, Lies and Dogs on Videotape…
Featured Clip of the Month: Old Dogs Knew Tricks — Let Aging Myths Die!
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Stories from around the web that we've enjoyed in the last weeks.
I Came Clean About My Real Age on Tinder — and Things Got Sexier!
30s, 40s, 50s, we’re all lying! After an online past of age denial, I came out! Liberation ensued…
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Fashion Fury! We Have a
Message for the Retail
Industry: Grow Up!
Our industry insider tells us why 40+ has been aged out of retail — and what they need to do NOW to get us back.
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Live From the Red Carpet: an Age Glossary
Award season brings much fashion commentary and labeling. Does being an ‘icon’ mean being old? And does ‘starlet’ just mean young?
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Tom Brady Kicked A** at a Time When Most Quarterbacks Are Retired.
Superfreak? A biological miracle? A body part by body part breakdown of the legendary Number 12 at 39.
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This Month's Quote
Like a Fine Wine...
We CAN get better with aging. It’s all in the attitude!
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Meet Some of Our Everyday Disruptors
Are you fighting ageism? Are you breaking age barriers in your life? Here are some fellow disruptors we wanted to share with you who are doing just that — and more. We look forward to highlighting your story!
“This year I turned 65 and wanted to do something that defied aging stereotypes. I decided to do a 73-mile race down the wildest section of the Missouri River. Finished first in our class!”
— Elizabeth Smith
“I’m 61 and have been working at a tech start-up for the last six years. I am 20 to 30 years older than most of my peers but have been a dependable leader using my experience to mentor and train. ”
— John Dwyer
“I started running at 52, ran eight marathons and became an Achilles guide. I met Sissel Markhus, 56, who is deaf, mute, legally blind, and became a first-time marathoner. A real thrill. ”
— Dali St. Claire
Keeping Up With Our Chief Age Disruptor
From Left to Right: Annette Bening (Actress), Jo Ann Jenkins (AARP CEO), and Warren Beatty (Actor/Filmmaker) Photo Credit: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP for AARP; Jo Ann Jenkins Photo Credit: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images for AARP; Jo Ann Jenkins and Ruth Negga (Actress) Photo Credit: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP for AARP.
Our Chief Disruptor Honors Hollywood’s Strides
On Feb. 6, Jo Ann spoke at the memorable 16th Annual Movies for Grownups Awards in Los Angeles. The event celebrated Hollywood’s best films and performances of 2016. She furthered the disrupt conversation by acknowledging just how far Hollywood has come in combating aging stereotypes. Films like Fences and Sully now portray older adults the way they increasingly are in the real world — more and more disruptive!
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