Spring Is In the Air — Style Bloggers Over 50 You’ve Got to Know and Unlikely Puppet Love
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April 2017 Newsletter
Spring Is In the Air — Style Bloggers Over 50 You’ve Got to Know and Unlikely Puppet Love
Featured Clip of the Month: Unlikely Puppet Love — Breaking Generational Barriers!
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Our Favorite Style Bloggers – and They’re Over 50!
Sorting through the savviest style blogs, we found our top choices — women who combine a unique look with a lust for life and love.
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Justice for Generation
From newspapers to pantyhose to human relationships, millennials are killing…everything? Ageist Alert
gets real…
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Five ‘Old’ Celebrities Who Refuse to — Act Their Age?
Or — that’s what our writer thought. He’s a Gen Xer who thought he had the older generations worked out… NOT.

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We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore!
Ninety age-related complaints have been filed against top tech companies — 28 of them against one major player. We’re fightin’ back!
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This Month's Quote
Lisa Owns It!
Confidence, wisdom and gratitude…now that’s ‘cool’!
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Meet Some of Our Everyday Disruptors
Are you defying age stereotypes? Are you breaking barriers in your life? How do you continue to fight ageism — no matter what age and circumstances? Here are some fellow disruptors we wanted to share with you. We look forward to highlighting yours!
“As a one-time editor and then pastry chef, I relocated across the country to reinvent myself again. Now, at 60, I’m a social media manager working with people of ALL ages.”
— Mindy Trotta
“Since I was considered too old to be hired for any job, I decided to start another company. I reinvented myself at 65 and I feel I’ve just scratched the surface.”

— Jan Zucker
“Facing age discrimination after 30-plus years acting in television, I reinvented myself as a performance artist and (drumroll) standup comic!”

— Mariann Alda
Keeping Up With Our Chief Age Disruptor
UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs
Rethinking the Course of Life With the Next Generation
America’s future aging population was the subject of Jo Ann’s lecture at the Luskin School of Public Affairs at the University of California, Los Angeles. As 65-plus continues to be the fastest-growing age demographic, living those years fully and embracing your age were her key messages. For UCLA Luskin students in particular, Jo Ann asked them to rethink how they want to live their life and how they might affect public policy changes — assuming they will live well into their 80s, 90s and even 100s.
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