Disruptive Mothers, Speaking in Tongues and Challenging the Virility Myth
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May 2017 Newsletter
Disruptive Mothers, Speaking in Tongues and Challenging the Virility Myth
Featured Clip of the Month: What Makes Your Mom a Modern Disruptor?
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I Want to Talk Aloud About Incontinence…
And 5 other formerly taboo topics that are now liberated! Let’s discuss…

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Sex Secrets — from Randy Men Over 60
Your sex drive doesn’t have to disappear as you grow older — just ask
these guys!
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Millennial 101 — Understanding the Lingo
If you work with one and want to be in the know, take our crash course. Rule No.1: Don’t call them millennials…
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Ready for a
City of 100-Year-Olds?
The economic benefits could be huge if we were. Time to deal!

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This Month's Quote
All That Glitters Is Not Always Gold…
Sometimes it’s grey.
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Meet Some of Our Everyday Disruptors
Are you breaking barriers in your life? How do you continue to fight ageism — no matter what age and circumstances? Here are some fellow Disruptors we wanted to share with you. We look forward to highlighting yours!
“At 68, I’m grateful to be working as an entrepreneur and executive coach to many young people during my journey.”
— Olivia Simons
“At 43, I developed a treatment that reversed my rare autoimmune disease. I’ve had to learn all of this on my own.”

— Ed Harris
“At 56, after getting my BFA, I went to work in China for an interior design firm. Now, at 65, I’m starting my own firm here in the states.”
— Cynthia Leftwich
Keeping Up With Our Chief Age Disruptor
Planning to Live to 100 — with Dr. Phil
Jo Ann was a guest on the Dr. Phil show and discussed the many misconceptions around what it means to be old. Did you know that, according to demographics today, a 10-year-old born in the U.S. has a 50 percent chance of living to 104? The new “middle age” just may be 65. What’s needed to make the most of these “bonus years”? How about a positive attitude, thoughtful planning and seeing aging as a natural part of life!
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