How Jay Z Became The Love of my Life Plus Taboo Topics Across the Ages
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June 2017 Newsletter
A Workout for the Ages, New-School Dads
and How Jay Z Changed My Life
Featured Clip of the Month: A Day to Celebrate New-School Dads
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Remember When ‘Cannabis’ Was a No-No?
Or sex toys, menopause and all the other formerly off-limit topics. Taboos
be gone!
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Jay Z and Me
My kids rapped themselves to sleep with the legend’s rhymes. But it was I who got obsessed and radically changed my life 15 years later.
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Don’t Work Out Like You’re in Your 20s — ‘Cause You’re Not
Everything you learned about fitness has been wrong says our wellness guru. Your body changes and so should your workout.
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Millennial Men’s Fantasy – June Cleaver Wives?
You’ll be as stunned at these new surveys as we were…

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Take Action with #DisruptAging
Inspire. Ask. Do.
Don't you hate it when people make assumptions based solely on someone's age? Ever do it yourself? Ever do it to yourself? Or accept that the way things are is the way they have to be? — Enough. It's time to Disrupt Aging.
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Meet Some of Our Everyday Disruptors
Are you defying age stereotypes? Are you breaking barriers in your life? How do you continue to fight ageism — no matter what age and circumstances? Here are some fellow disruptors we wanted to share with you. We look forward to highlighting yours!
“I fled Hollywood after a long career as a TV writer-producer. At 57, I now teach soul line dancing and humor writing. No rocking chair for me!”
— T. Faye Griffin
“My job was eliminated and no one wanted to hire me at 59. With some help, I started 4 Paws Pantry, a non-profit pet food bank that provides pet meals!”
— Sandi Smith
“I play in a hockey league that ranges in age from 20 to 60 (me). Well “Old Man Lambert’s’ team just went to the finals, with me in
the net!”
— Michael Lambert
Keeping Up With Our Chief Age Disruptor
Tracee Ellis Ross, Diane von Furstenberg, Jo Ann Jenkins
Women in the World Leading Disruption
Recently AARP CEO, Jo Ann Jenkins, participated in the “Designing Disruption” panel at the eighth Annual Women in the World Summit in New York.  Moderated by the colorfully disruptive author Kathy Lette, Jo Ann was joined by four other game-changing women, actress and activist, Tracee Ellis Ross, fashion designer, Diane von Furstenberg, editor of Teen Vogue, Elaine Welteroth, and Jeannine Sargent, president of Innovation and New Ventures at Flex. These influential leaders discussed smashing gender stereotypes, combating ageism and the importance of women owning their seat at the table…
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