Disrupting Beauty and the Best of Silicon Valley
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July 2017 Newsletter
Disrupting Beauty and the Beast of Silicon Valley
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From tech start-up world to writer of Silicon Valley, Dan Lyons tells it all…
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Au Naturale: I Look My Age? Why, Thank You…
These natural beauties pose for the camera sans “procedures,” owning every lovely wrinkle.

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Nip/Tuck: It’s Your Face.
Go For It!
At 89, Joan Kron debuts her first film “Take My Nose … Please” — a documentary that follows comedians on the verge of plastic surgery.
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Crosstalk: Can We Be Fluid About Gender?
Transparent, Laverne Cox, Caitlyn Jenner: Is the shift in gender identity changing the way we live — and age? A Gen Xer and a millennial discuss…
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I Am Drowning From Debt, and It’s My Daughter’s
More boomers are shouldering their children’s student loan debts — and narrowly escaping the poorhouse…

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Meet Some of Our Everyday Disruptors
“At 51, I learned to barefoot ski backwards, something I couldn’t even fathom doing as a teen before I lost my hearing. Disrupting aging — you betcha!” — Karen Putz
Keeping Up With Our Chief Age Disruptor
Left to right: Gerry Silva (AARP Hawaii State President), Kirk Caldwell (Mayor of Honolulu), Jo Ann Jenkins (AARP CEO), and Barbara Kim Stanton (AARP Hawaii State Director). Photo credit: Marco Garcia for AARP.
Hawaii Joins the Mission to Smash Stereotypes About Aging
Jo Ann attended the Hawaii Book & Music Festival in Honolulu. Before addressing an enthusiastic audience of people of all ages, she was presented with a proclamation declaring May 6 AARP Day in Honolulu because of AARP’s help in developing an action plan to improve the quality of life for residents. “I wrote the book Disrupt Aging to change the conversation in this country about what it means to grow older. It’s not about aging, it’s about living.” Hawaii, welcome to our movement!
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