Flying High: The Myth of the Little Blue Pill, Cannabis and Some Serious #AbGoals
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August 2017 Newsletter
Flying High: The Myth of the Little Blue Pill, Cannabis 
— and Some Serious #Abgoals
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Greta Pontarelli: the 65-year old Who’s Shakin’ Up Pole Dancing
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High Times: Your Next Family Reunion Just Got Lit
Ready? Marijuana’s about to change your relationship with your kids, your parents and your body …
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Disrupt Your ‘To Do’ List! 9 Ways to Not Act Your Age
Scare yourself! Get up on that stage and revel in disrupting the expectations of acting your age.
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Only ‘Old’ Men Use Viagra — and Other Lies
The shocking truth men and women confess about the little blue pill behind closed doors.

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Retirement at 40? Tips From a Savvy Saving Millennial
She’s maxed her thrifty lifestyle — discount stores, coupons, ’99 ’Vette — and headed straight for early retirement.
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Meet Some of Our Everyday Disruptors
“I’m 24 but was inspired to start a boutique for women over 45 after seeing women like my mum feel invisible and irrelevant in the eyes of the fashion industry. ”

— Jacynth Bassett
“My wake-up call came when I started losing strength in my legs, so I made some big changes. Now, at 65, I do whitewater rafting, horseback riding, and even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro!”
— Marte Hepburn
Keeping Up With Our Chief Age Disruptor
Photo Credit: MarcoIlluminati/OECD | From Left to Right: Ryan Heath (Senior EU Correspondent at Politico),
Mari Kiviniemi (Deputy Secretary-General at OECD), and Jo Ann Jenkins (AARP CEO).
Aging: A World of Opportunities
People over 85 are the fastest-growing age group in the U.S. and the second-fastest-growing group is people over 100. Jo Ann returned to the OECD Forum in Paris this year to change the lens on the so-called silver tsunami. Older people will inundate and overwhelm the globe? Of course not. With challenges also come opportunities. Hear more about forward-thinking companies and how they can enhance flexibility and support in the workplace to benefit from the additional resources and expertise of the 50-plus set.
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