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January 2018 Newsletter
Let’s Go 2018! Our Year-End Ageism Roundup, Living
With a Menopausal Partner and Hold the Gym!
The Year That Was — a Look Back at the Media Hits
(and Some Misses) in Our Battle With Ageism
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No Gym for 2018!
Everyday, Unexpected
Tips That’ll Help You Feel
Better — and Live Longer
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What It’s Like To Live
With a Menopausal
Woman. Send Chocolate!
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We Could Be Heroes! What Would Your Powers Be If
You Could Be a Superhero?
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Inclusive Is the New Exclusive: How Millennials Are Diversifying the Workforce
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Meet Some of Our Extraordinary Disruptors
As a couple, Reid and Serita Cox,
AARP Purpose Prize winners, are disrupting the foster care industry by connecting people with resources and helping young adults who are aging out of the system.
“You can rattle off the statistics — but
it’s the individual stories that make a difference. It’s those stories that make us get up every day and do what we do.”
— Serita Cox, cofounder of iFOSTER 
What’s Going on With Disrupt Aging
Photo Credit: Andrew Noel Photo Credit: Alicia Wallace
Bridging the Generations to Disrupt Aging
AARP’s Disrupt Aging recently teamed up with renowned advertising maven and entrepreneur, Cindy Gallop (pictured left), and supermodel and business power house, Beverly Johnson (pictured right), at the inaugural Teen Vogue Summit in Los Angeles. Each a disruptor in their own right, both women challenged the young change agents in attendance to push back against society’s outdated beliefs about age and ability. Most importantly, they encouraged women of all ages to bridge the generations and work collectively to ensure that no one’s possibilities are limited by their age — whether young or old.
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