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Watching your sugar intake? A recent experiment reveals that several popular breakfast foods often perceived as healthier options can contain higher amounts of sugar than the average glazed doughnut.
Ever wonder why some antiques are worth a small fortune? Check out five factors that can make collectibles worth big money.
Hair loss isn’t something that happens only to men. Women can experience thinning and loss of hair for a number of reasons. While there’s no known cure, here are five ways to avoid further damage to your locks.
A new report from the Government Accountability Office paints a dim picture of the retirement planning options available to Americans, and the comptroller general has called for a commission to examine the situation.
With a competitive tourism landscape, many cities are touting their green policies to lure eco-conscious travelers. Check out these cities in the U.S. that top the list of most eco-conscious domestic destinations.
Flying cars, driverless pizza delivery, smart water bottles ... get a glimpse into the future with this list of cutting-edge technologies that are coming soon to a community near you.
When it comes to scams, it appears no one is immune to being targeted. Learn about the famous billionaire who outsmarted fraudsters, only to have his friend duped out of $2 million.
A popular amateur sleuth is returning to TV, this time as a middle-aged mystery solver. Find out how she’s now using her age as a secret weapon while investigating wrongdoers.
Have any advice to share about treating menopause symptoms? Share your treatment tips and join the conversation in the Online Community.
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