One in 3 Americans is age 50 or older. By 2030, 1 in 5 will be 65+
Livable Communities
Solutions for Small-Town Main Streets
Three placemaking "photovisions" show how once empty downtowns can become destinations. (You'll want to see the "before" image of the proposed streetscape at left.)
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In a Livable Community...
Communities that include the features pictured in this handout are great for people of all ages. Print one or several copies in a size of your choosing to help spread the word about what makes a city, town or neighborhood livable.
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AARP Livable Communities Disaster Recovery Tool Kit
When a destructive tragedy occurs, the rebuilding plan can better enable people of all ages, physical abilities and life stages to comfortably call the community home.
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Here's Some Smart Yet Easy Summer Reading
If you've missed any of our "5 Questions for..." interviews with livability experts and community leaders, you can catch up now. (One question for you: The bicyclist in blue is the mayor of Portland. Which Portland?)
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