Is Your Community Livable for People of All Ages?
August 3, 2016  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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Where We Live: Opportunity
Mayors including Denver's Michael Hancock (seen
demonstrating his culinary talents) are creating
opportunities for employers and employees. Learn
how — and how to get a copy of Where We Live, a new (free!) book from AARP.
Livable Communities Are Good for
People and Business
Higher property values, increased economic
activity and savings for communities are just
some of the benefits of "the Livability Economy."
Livability News & Notes
How Expensive Cities Hurt Workers — Livability expert Richard Florida examines
the purchasing power of what service-sector and working-class wages can actually buy. Source: CityLab ►
Where the Working-Age Population Is Declining and Why It Matters
A look at recently updated Census data shows that many large counties have
significantly fewer 25- to 54-year olds than before. Source: Governing ►
Smart Solutions for Rural Communities — Many rural areas are seeing
farmland eroded by housing development, or are losing young residents to places
with more amenities and greater opportunities. A program and peer network for rural
leaders addresses these challenges. Source: Smart Growth America ►
Events, Resources & More
Keeping Older Workers on the Job — Seeking to avert a brain drain, a city
leads the way as an age-friendly employer. Learn How ►
Opportunity Score — A new data-driven tool helps Americans find housing
located within easy access of jobs. Check It Out ►
AARP Livability Index — Calculate the score of any address in the U.S. You can, in
keeping with this newsletter's theme, even target the data to focus on a location's
economic and "opportunity" metrics. Give It a Try ►