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August 17, 2016  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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Where We Live: Culture
Public art fosters creativity, provides a sense of
place and increases social engagement among
people of all ages. To learn how cultural and artistic
activities do all that and more, read this excerpt
from Where We Live, a new (free!) book from AARP.
Creatively Inspiring
Livability efforts can be big, small or simply silly,
like the "lawn chair" (pictured) that was literally
landscaped for a neighborhood arts festival.
Livability News & Notes
Imagine You're the Mayor of a Struggling Town — "You have an opportunity to
bring in 1,000 new residents of your choosing. You can choose 1,000 40-year-olds or
1,000 60-year-olds. Who will do more for your economy?" asks John Feather, CEO of
Grantmakers in Aging. Discover the answer. Source: The Huffington Post 
Help Complete the Collection — The National Complete Streets Coalition is
collecting city, county, regional and state-based Complete Streets policies. It has an
archive of almost 1,000 policies and seeks more! Source: Smart Growth America ►
Alleyways Get a Makeover — Learn how and why cities are transforming alleys
into places of connectivity, culture and creativity. Source: CityLab ►
Events, Resources & More
A Livable Tour of Greater Des Moines — Our slideshow visit to Iowa's capital
shows a city well-stocked with public art and cultural attractions. Take a Look ►
What Makes a Community Livable for People of All Ages? — We're asking.
Do you know? Take Our Quiz ►
Picture Perfect — Do you have a hard time understanding or explaining what a
livable community is? The 14 photographs in our multilingual "In a Livable Community"
poster show and tell what livability is all about. Download and Print ►