Is Your Community Livable for People of All Ages?
May 2016  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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In a Livable Community ...
Our printable, shareable handout showing the
features of a livable community is now available in
five languages — English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Korean!
How and Why to Create an Aging Well Resource Center
With nearly 40 percent of its population age 50-plus, a Colorado city is helping its older residents and local caregivers navigate some of life’s daily challenges.
Livability News & Notes
Perfection in Pennsylvania: The Best Complete Streets Policies of 2015 delivers the
first-ever 100 point score. Source: Smart Growth America 
Details in the Data: The new AllTransit database illustrates the social and economic benefits of public transit. Source: City Lab 
Alone on the Range: An examination of what it’s like to grow old in rural America.
Source: The New York Times 
Sidewalks on the Prairie: After being ranked among the “fattest” and least walkable communities in the nation, a Midwest city votes to get moving.
Source: The Huffington Post 
Events, Resources & More
The “Choose Where You Live” Checklist: From Disrupt Aging, the new book by AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins, 25 questions everyone should ask about their current and future home sweet home. Check it Out 
See What $5 Million Can Do: 37 winning ideas from the Knight Cities Challenge to make communities more successful. Take a Look 
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