June 1, 2016  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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Why People of All Ages
Need to Play
Pat Rumbaugh (pictured, not wearing a crown) is on a mission to encourage joy, improve communities and connect neighbors.
Shuffleboard is So Yesterday
Cornhole, disc golf, drumming, pétanque and
pickleball (yes, that’s a thing) are helping young
and old stay physically active, have fun and connect
with one another.
Livability News & Notes
A Century of Walking: Donald Bean, who turns 100 this month, walks 40 minutes a day.
He attributes his longevity to having an active lifestyle. Source: America Walks 
Smart Streets: A German city has installed traffic lights in the pavement so pedestrians who are staring at smartphones don’t have to look up. Source: The Washington Post 
The Most Innovative Cities in the World: Houston and Detroit are part of the mix! 
Source: The Wall Street Journal
A Great Reason to Get a Dog! The health benefits of dog walking are among the reasons why pet-friendly policies and places have perks for people. Source: Science Daily 
Events, Resources & More
Dementia-Friendly America: Find resources about creating communities that support people with cognitive impairment and their caregivers. Learn 
Is Your Town or City on the List? Dozens of communities nationwide are working to become more livable and age-friendly. Take a Look 
AARP Livability Index: Find the livability score of any address in the United States.
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