June 22, 2016  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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In Search of the Missing Middle
Between cramped city apartments and suburban McMansions, there's ... what? Architect Daniel Parolek explains why mid-sized, walkable new housing disappeared and how we can get it back.
Understanding Form-Based Code
Learn how zoning defined by the shape and relation of buildings rather than their use creates better towns, cities and neighborhoods for people of all ages.
Livability News & Notes
America is Aging —"Communities across the country must make meeting the
needs of their older residents a priority consideration as they plan for the future. This
work must proceed apace with the urgency it deserves," says a new report.
Source: Bipartisan Policy Center
Support for "Second Homes" — Massachusetts looks at allowing accessory
dwelling units. "It's a modest step back toward the kind of intergenerational housing
that once allowed members of extended families to take care of one another," states a newspaper editorial. Source: The Boston Globe 
A Creative Idea — Iowa teens compete in the annual "Can I Be Your Neighbor"
challenge to design affordable family homes. Source: The Des Moines Register
Events, Resources & More
Vote "Yes" for Walking on June 28 — Register now for an America Walks
webinar about using local ballot initiatives to support walkability. Go!
Wanted: Smart Sessions — Proposals are being accepted for the 2017 New
Partners for Smart Growth Conference. Don't miss the June 30 deadline. Apply
Call for Proposals — AARP is hosting a conference about creating livable
communities for people of all ages. Have a session suggestion? Let Us Know