June 29, 2016  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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5 Questions About Smart Growth
Former Maryland Governor Parris Glendening
explains why sprawl is not smart for the
environment, the economy, social equity or people
of any age. (Check out the before and after satellite images of the sprawling region pictured at left.)
Livable Lingo
Planners, policy makers, politicians and assorted livability pros often use these terms. Here's what
each means so you can talk the talk.
Livability News & Notes
Who Spends More Time Sitting in Traffic? — You have two choices: men or women? Here's a hint: The vast majority of car trips involve doing errands.
Source: Pacific Standard
Driving Less in Denver — The regional rail system FasTracks has transformed the Colorado city and its suburbs from car-choked to community centric. Source: Politico
The Senior Report — An analysis of the health of the nation's older population
provides a state-by-state assessment of current and future health care costs and
outcomes. Good job, Hawaii! Source: America's Health Rankings
Events, Resources & More
The $92,378 Question — How high can the cost of long-term care go? The prices
vary greatly by location. Read
Shepherd's Centers Conference — Volunteers are key providers of in-home and community-based services for their neighbors. Many are gathering in Kansas City this October. You Can Attend, Too
Call for Proposals — AARP is hosting a conference about creating livable
communities for people of all ages. Have a session suggestion? Let Us Know