Is Your Community Livable for People of All Ages?
July 13, 2016  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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Where We Live: Housing
Mayors nationwide (including New York City's
Bill de Blasio, pictured) are helping people of all
ages live in places that are safe, affordable and
accessible. Here, seven examples from a new —
free! — AARP book.
A Home for Life
Few homes on the market are age- and
accessibility-friendly. The Lifelong Housing
Certification Project is working to change that.
Livability News & Notes
Is Suburbia Ready for Retiring Boomers? — "Car-centric suburban
neighborhoods with multilevel homes and scarce sidewalks are a poor match for
people who can't climb stairs or drive a car." Source: The Pew Charitable Trusts
The Housing 'Trilemma' — Only three U.S. cities pass the test for having good
jobs, affordable housing and a high quality of life. Source: Oregon Office of Economic Analysis
Columbus, Ohio, Is Very Smart — The city tops six other finalists to win $50 million in grant funding for intelligent transportation systems. Source: Smart City News
Events, Resources & More
The Not So Big House — Architect Sarah Susanka talks about "not so big"
housing for boomers and beyond. Read
House and Home — We have an archive all about lifelong housing. Take a Look
Let's Talk — AARP is hosting a conference about creating livable communities for
people of all ages. Have a session suggestion? Send it to us by July 22!