Is Your Community Livable for People of All Ages?
July 20, 2016  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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Where We Live: Transportation
Mayors nationwide (including Patricia Bates,
pictured, of Altamonte Springs, Florida) are helping
people of all ages get around. Here are more than a dozen examples from a new — free! — AARP book.
Why Transit, Bicycles and Our Feet
Are Moving Us to a Brighter Future
More people are able to get around without
owning a car these days, and that's good for our
pocketbooks and communities.
Livability News & Notes
America's Walking Renaissance — Download a new, free book describing how
nine cities, suburbs and towns are getting back on their feet. Source: America Walks
When the Highway Was the Wrong Way — Four cities get help mending
the neighborhood damage caused by oversized high-speed roadways.
Source: U.S. Department of Transportation
The 3,000 Mile Bike Path — Since 1991, the East Coast Greenway Alliance has been working to connect the Atlantic seaboard from Maine to Florida with protected bicycle lanes. The project is roughly 30 percent complete. Source: CityLab
Events, Resources & More
Share a Ride — Katherine Freund of iTNAmerica has a simple solution for meeting the transportation needs of older adults. Read
Getting Around — We have an archive all about transportation options. Take a Look
Last Call — AARP is hosting a conference about creating livable communities for
people of all ages. Send Your Session Proposal by July 22!