Plus: 20 Questions About Cohousing
November 30, 2016  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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Extra Space, Extra Income
The home sharing network Airbnb sees its service as a "powerful option to help older Americans stay in their homes."
20 Questions About Cohousing
Private homes and apartments with common (not "commune") spaces can be supportive, affordable and great for people of all ages.
Livability News & Notes
Downsizing Down Under — Noting that "last home buyers are just as important as first home buyers," the government of Western Australia is developing a way to help older adults move into small homes or share their homes. Source: Eastern Reporter ►
A Living Room That's Actually Used — Public parlors enable people who would otherwise spend the day alone a chance to chat with others. Source: Washington Post ►
The Value of Old Homes — As pre-war (as in pre-World War I) houses are razed to make room for new housing, Portland, Oregon, requires that the homes be "deconstructed" not "demolished." Source: CityLab ►
Events, Resources & More
Creating Room for Accessory Dwelling Units — This model for state and local acts and ordinances can help pave the way. Learn How ►
Housing Solutions Center — This free foreclosure prevention counseling service provides one-on-one sessions with HUD-certified specialists. Learn More ►
AARP Benefits Quicklinks — Find housing programs that can help with property taxes, home repairs, utility bills and more. Learn What's Available ►