Plus: Missing Middle Housing
February 8, 2017  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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Welcome to the 20-Minute Village
John and Kim live on a half-acre lot in the suburbs, but they can walk to pick up coffee, bagels and more. There is a solution to the problem of having to drive everywhere for everything.
In Search of the Missing Middle
Between cramped city apartments and suburban McMansions, there’s … what? Architect Daniel Parolek explains why mid-sized, walkable new housing has disappeared and how we can get it back.
Livability News & Notes
Suburban Sprawl Is a Health Hazard — So say many county and health planning departments as they work to make new and existing communities more walkable and less car-centric. Source: The Washington Post ►
Students and Seniors as Roommates — Starting with the fall semester, New York University students can save money on housing by renting a room in the home of an older adult. Source: Associated Press ►
To Pave or Not to Pave? — Several cities and counties are choosing to let formerly paved roadways go au naturel. Learn why. Source: Governing ►
Events, Resources & More
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn — The Senseable City Lab of MIT offers an online way to see and measure the tree canopy of cities around the world. Take a Look ►
Older Households 2015 - 2035 — The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University recently published the report Projections & Implications for Housing: A Growing Population. Its warning: “By 2035, more than one in five people in the U.S. will be aged 65 and older … This growth will increase the demand for affordable, accessible housing that is well connected to services far beyond what the current supply can meet.” Read the Report ►