Plus: All About Sidewalks
February 22, 2017  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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Look at These Little Free Libraries
Local bookstores are becoming harder to find, but readers worldwide are helping ensure that books still play a role in making a community a great place to live.
Sidewalk Stories
Businesses, homeowners, renters, young people and older adults all like having sidewalks. So why are sidewalks so scarce in so many places?
Livability News & Notes
First-Aid Training for Mental Health — New York City is committed to teaching 250,000 people — from first responders to regular residents — how to recognize the signs of mental illness and how to provide emergency care, similar to CPR or basic first aid. Source: Yes! Magazine ►
Women in Sheds — Long-established in the United Kingdom and Australia as places where older men can go to socialize and participate in community service projects, the shed system is becoming an option for women. Source: Northwich Guardian ►
Trees Can Save Tons of Money — Having trees on the street where you live reduces home-energy use and expenses. Source: Urban Forestry & Urban Greening ►
Events, Resources & More
Inviting All Planners: Join Us in Chicago on March 24 — AARP is bringing together experts from the American Society on Aging and the American Planning Association. All are welcome. Register for the Summit on Livable Communities ►
The Power of 10+ — Speaking of planning, it’s worth revisiting the classic Project for Public Spaces concept that streets are “critical public spaces” and cities need “10+ great destinations with each destination having 10+ places to go, with 10+ things to do.” Says the PPS: “Places thrive when users have a range of reasons to be there.” Learn More ►