Plus: Building Public Trust in Testy Times
March 1, 2017  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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Home Today, Home Tomorrow
The challenge presented to designers and architects: Remodel an uninspiring, outdated house to create an aesthetically pleasing, functional home that will suit its occupants regardless of how their needs change over time.
Meet the New Homeowner
After the house was remodeled into an attractive, adaptable and affordable home, the residence was given to a formerly homeless military veteran — whose mother (pictured upon her first visit) could not believe her eyes.
P.S. There’s more about housing, below.
Livability News & Notes
Building Public Trust During Disruptive Times — A downloadable guide from the International City/County Management Association addresses the challenges many community leaders face due to “the increase in alienation, anger, and a lack of trust in local government.” Source: ICMA ►
Creating an Age-Friendly California — A look at how the state is preparing for an aging population. Source: California Health Report ►
Calling a Rideshare for Seniors Without Smartphones — Several services offer options for older people who can’t summon a car with a touch of an app. Source: KPBS San Diego ►
Events, Resources & More
5 Questions and Answers About Universal Design — What if all new homes could, to the greatest extent possible, be suitable for anyone, regardless of a person’s age, ability or life stage? Learn More ►
The Healthy Homes Award — Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the awards honor housing activities or policies that show measurable benefits in the health of residents in low- and/or moderate-income families. Learn more and then … Submit an Application by March 15 ►
Know Someone 50+ Who Is Doing Great Things in Your Community? — The 2017 AARP Purpose Prize will honor five exceptional individuals who are working to foster positive change and a better future for all. Nominate a Changemaker Now! ►
Photos by Benjamin Rednour