Plus: How to Do a Walk Audit
March 15, 2017  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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11 Ways to Make Streets Safe for People (of All Ages) to Walk
These pedestrian-friendly improvements benefit motorists and bicyclists, too.
How to Do a Walk Audit
In as little as a few minutes you can assess the walkability of the streets and sidewalks near you.
Livability News & Notes
5 Things Learned at South Florida’s Safe Streets Summit — Here’s one: People who walk to work or commute by bicycle are happier and much less fearful, angry and sad than those who drive. Source: Smart Growth America ►
A Rocky Road Trip — When AARP transportation expert Jana Lynott took her teenage son skiing in the Colorado Rockies, she used the trip as a life lesson about being a frugal and skilled traveler. Except for flying between D.C. and Denver, the pair set out to use buses or trains for all other transit needs. Learn how they did. Source: Mobility Lab ►
Americans Are Driving Less — According to the data, more people are simply preferring to stay home than go out. Source: CityLab ►
Events, Resources & More
Snapshots of Unsafe Streets — We appreciate the organization Strong Towns for spreading the word about our Dangerously Incomplete Streets slideshow. They have a powerful collection as well. Take a Look ►
Infrastructure Financing Terminology — Can you define what a Resilience Bond is, or what Value Capture means? If not, take a look at this online cheat sheet from the Mayors Innovation Project. Learn More ►