Lots of Ways to Learn About Livability
April 5, 2017  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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Planning a Placemaking Pop‑Up
When done right, temporary livability projects can lead to permanent change. The planning and prep portions of our tool kit are ready to read. In next week’s newsletter, we’ll present the first of several projects that (with your help) could "pop-up" where you live.
Learning Lots About Livability
In addition to the hundreds of individual articles that live on our website, we have downloadable tool kits, guides and fact sheets about several livability topics. You can get to the collection from here (or from the link that appears each week at the top of this newsletter).
Livability News & Notes
Popping Up in Parking Lots — Biscayne Green, a three-week experiment in downtown Miami, prioritized people and placemaking over pavement and parked cars. Source: ►
Urban Farming Is Farming — In a vote for vegetables, flowers, fruits and fowl, several city governments say small plots of land that produce lots of fresh produce are indeed worthy of agricultural tax credits. Source: Source of the Spring ►
What a Traffic Problem Is and Isn’t — A look at three traffic challenges and the tactics that could help solve them. Source: Strong Towns ►
Events, Resources & More
Accessory Dwelling Units — The popularity of these small, secondary homes — which are perfect for young renters or empty nesters — takes off in Portland, Oregon. Learn More ►
The Gap: A Shortage of Affordable Homes — According to a new report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, only 35 affordable homes are available for every 100 extremely low-income renter households nationwide. (Check out the appendix for state and city data and comparisons.) Read the Report ►