Plus: A Slideshow of What Livable Looks Like
April 19, 2017  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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A Colorful Plaza in Camden
Lacking any amenities, Roosevelt Park was being used more as a walk-through area than a destination. A temporary pop-up project enlivened the space through low-cost, high-impact placemaking strategies to make the park appealing and to inspire future improvements.
Slideshow Show and Tell
The common features of a livable community include safe public places and outdoor spaces, opportunities for work and play, the availability of needed services and effective ways to get around, no matter a person’s age or life stage.
Livability News & Notes
A Parking Lot Will Become a Plaza — A $15 million gift helps Dallas turn blacktop into blades of grass. Source: Dallas News ►
Those Who Served Can Ride for Free — The RideKC Veterans Pass enables military vets to use Kansas City’s transit system at no charge. Source: Kansas City Star ►
A Tiny House for a Relatively Tiny Price — The Ikea Foundation has created a prefab home called the Better Shelter. Cost: $1,250. Time and labor: Four people can build the house in four hours. Source: Modern Cities ►
Events, Resources & More
Best Practices — The U.S. Department of Transportation has released the report Noteworthy Local Policies That Support Safe and Complete Pedestrian and Bicycle Networks. Are some applicable to where you live? Download the Report ►
Where to Put the Tree? — For planners who create conceptual images to show how a placemaking or roadway project can look when finished, the free CanVis Visual Simulation tool from the USDA National Agroforestry Center provides a collection of customizable art — of trees, plants, people and wildlife, etc. Try It Out ►