Plus: 13 Relatively Speedy Solutions
April 26, 2017  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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A New Face for an Old Broad
A temporary two-day, three-block makeover of Broad Avenue — a bustling-turned-blighted roadway in Memphis, Tennessee — attracted thousands of curious visitors and helped inspire businesses, bankers and builders to invest millions in the neighborhood.
Name That Curve
The bump-out pictured here has a name and a purpose. It’s one of 13 relatively low-cost, relatively speedy improvements and solutions that can make a community more livable and walkable.
Livability News & Notes
Give Back, Go Forward — That’s the name of a Bowling Green State University program that lets people age 60+ turn volunteer hours into a tuition voucher. Source: Sentinel-Tribune ►
A New Jersey County Ends Chronic Homelessness — And it’s the first community in the nation to do so. Source: ►
They Can Hear Everything Now — Three twentysomethings invent headphones that enable residents of assisted-living facilities to hear better at group events, such as movies, meetings, lectures and exercise classes. Source: The Longevity Network ►
Events, Resources & More
The Need for Speed — A new, one-page fact sheet from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration provides all sorts of how and why information about setting speed limits. Check It Out ►
We’re Giving You Two Weeks' Notice — That’s about how much time is left for you to nominate someone for the AARP Purpose Prize. Five winners age 50 or older will receive $50,000 each in honor of their outstanding contributions to make the world a better place for people of all ages. The Deadline Is May 12! ►