How Bicycle Infrastructure Benefits People Who Don't Ride Bikes
May 3, 2017  
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Protected Bike Lanes Can Pop Up Overnight
Street chalk, green paint and a bicycle-shaped stencil help commuters get to the office on Bike to Work Day.
How Bicycle Infrastructure Benefits People Who Don’t Ride Bikes
We detail 10 ways. (And reveal what the trio pictured here is all about.)
Livability News & Notes
Planning Protected Bike Lanes — A two-part webinar series from the Federal Highway Administration explains how to prepare for and design bicycle lanes that
separate cyclists from vehicles and pedestrians.
Source: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center ►
Piloting a Protected Bus Lane — To ease congestion, the city of Everett, Massachusetts, turned a mile of curbside parking into a bus-only pathway. Learn what happened. Source: CityLab ►
Pocatello Is on the List — Never heard of Pocatello? It’s in Idaho, and it’s on the 2017 list of Best Cities for Successful Aging. Source: Milken Institute ►
Events, Resources & More
A Good Deed — A Canadian couple bought a school bus so they can drive senior citizens to the supermarket. Learn Why ►
A Big Deal — One-hundred years in the planning and nearly 50 years after its ground-breaking ceremony, Manhattan’s Second Avenue subway finally opened earlier this year. Take a Look ►