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May 31, 2017  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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Accessory Dwelling Units Allowed
Commonly referred to as ADUs, these small backyard bungalows or apartments attached to larger homes help create housing for people of all ages. Effective June 1, a New Hampshire state law makes building such dwellings a viable option in many more places.
Making Room for ADUs
This AARP and American Planning Association model for state and local policies can pave the way for property owners to build secondary homes on their lots.
Livability News & Notes
Older Adults Home Share — Two counties in Nova Scotia, Canada, are among the many communities worldwide that are helping to connect older homeowners who have rooms to spare with people in need of a room to rent. Source: King County News ►
More Older Couples Are ‘Shacking Up’ — The number of people age 50+ who are living with an unmarried partner has increased 75 percent during the past decade. Source: The New York Times and the Pew Research Center ►
And More Young Adults Are Living With a Parent Than a Spouse — Among 25- to 34-year-olds living at home, one in four is neither enrolled in school nor working. Source: Bloomberg and the U.S. Census Bureau ►
Events, Resources & More
Building It Right From the Start — The AARP State Inclusive Home Design Advocacy Tool Kit provides guidance and model legislation for how all housing can be livable and/or “visitable” for people of all ages and physical abilities. It Isn’t Hard to Do ►
More About Housing — We’ve got information about cohousing, aging-friendly housing, missing middle housing, tiny housing, “woman-centric” housing and lots more. Take a Look ►