Last Call for the 2017 Livable Communities Conference
September 20, 2017  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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How to Reduce Car-vs-Bicycle Crashes by 81 Percent
A relatively simple solution has made Grand Rapids, Michigan, a leader in driving change.
No Car Needed
Transit-oriented developments are enabling older adults to downsize where they live while expanding their options for things to do and places to go. (Plus: A new report from the AARP Public Policy Institute examines how state, regional and local governments play a make-or-break role.)
Livability News & Notes
A Solution From South London — A community-led approach to street design has helped transform a notorious stretch of road outside an elementary school into a people-friendly area. Source: TransportXtra ►
A Canadian Crosswalk — Dubbed the “Pedestrian Protection Pilot Program,” a Saskatchewan city is testing a new, affordable, solar-powered style of crossing signage. Source: Regina Leader-Post ►
Rethinking the Future of State Departments of Transportation — “No other single public or private entity comes close to having the resources, experience and skills to help the world solve the mounting problems that threaten our quality of life, including economic inequality, climate change, and numerous health issues.”
Source: Public Square ►
Events, Resources & More
Destination: Dallas — The 2017 AARP Livable Communities National Conference will be held on November 14, 15 and 16. Although the gathering is typically an invitation-only event, we’re hoping this year’s larger venue will enable others to attend. If you’re interested in joining us, we’ll know soon if we have room. Learn More ►
Livable Communities Disaster Recovery Tool Kit — The calm after the storm can lead to a town, city or neighborhood becoming more livable for people of all ages. Read How ►
There’s So Much to Do  — Help send emergency relief to the victims of Hurricane Irma. All money raised by AARP Foundation will be directed to organizations that are providing local aid and recovery support. Please Donate ►