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October 4, 2017  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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Putting Fitness First in Fontana
After learning that her hometown had some of the worst obesity rates in all of California, Acquanetta Warren (now the city’s mayor) launched a successful campaign against youth “di-obesity” (diabetes and obesity) to advance a healthy future for Fontana.
Learning How to Help in NYC
With a goal to train 250,000 New Yorkers, ThriveNYC intends to make on-the-scene mental health first aid as widely available as conventional first aid and CPR.
Livability News & Notes
The Suburb of the Future — Millennials want a different kind of suburban development than what we have now. Their suburbia is smart, efficient and sustainable. Source: The New York Times ►
Google Maps Accessibility — The search engine is calling on its “local guides” (a type of super user) to identify and label wheelchair-friendly places on its mapping app. Source: The Keyword ►
Rebuilding and Recovery — Devastating events such as a hurricane or earthquake can, over time, lead to a town, city or neighborhood becoming more livable for people of all ages. Source: AARP Livable Communities ►
Events, Resources & More
More About Community Health, Wellness and Livability — The featured articles in this newsletter are adapted from the “Health and Wellness” chapter of the new (free!) AARP book Where We Live: Communities for All Ages — 100+ Inspiring Ideas From America’s Community Leaders. Read More by Downloading or Ordering the Book ►
Build Small, Live Large — Learn how accessory dwelling units (i.e. secondary, smaller dwellings added or adjacent to existing single-family homes) are helping create affordable, much-needed housing options for people of all ages and life stages. The weekend gathering in Portland, Oregon, begins November 3. Here’s How to Register ►
Join Us in Dallas — We’ve moved the AARP Livable Communities National Conference to a larger venue so, for the first time ever, this invite-only annual gathering has room for livability professionals and community advocates we haven’t yet met. Act fast! The three-day gathering starts on November 14. Learn How ►