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October 18, 2017  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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Helping Secure Drinkable
Water in Flint
To ensure that the city's long-toxic water is finally lead-free and safe to drink, residents need to have the water pipes to their homes replaced. AARP Michigan takes to the streets to make that happen.
Helping Fight Hunger in the Heartland
Created by AARP Oklahoma and several local partners, the Community Market of Pottawatomie County is intentionally not called a food bank or food pantry.
Livability News & Notes
“Needs Improvement” — That’s the polite way of describing the letter grades received by the United States in “the first comprehensive national assessment of walking and walkability.” Source: National Physical Activity Plan Alliance ►
The Price of Isolation — The “epidemic of loneliness” among older adults costs the United Kingdom more than $8,000 per person per decade in health care and social service expenses, say researchers who estimate that for every $1.34 spent to prevent such sadness, up to $4 is saved. Source: Independent ►
A Model for Rebuilding Takes Shape — Having barely survived several occurrences of storm- and hurricane-fueled flooding, a North Carolina town hosts a five-day workshop about the ways smarter infrastructure and development can create a stronger, more resilient community. Source: Next City ►
Events, Resources & More
More From Where We Live — The second article in this newsletter is from the new (free!) AARP book Where We Live: Communities for All Ages — 100+ Inspiring Ideas From America’s Community Leaders. Download or Order the Book ►
Little Homes Are a Big Deal — Learn how accessory dwelling units (i. e. secondary, smaller dwellings added or adjacent to existing single-family homes) help create affordable, much-needed housing options for people of all ages and life stages. Attend the Build Small, Live Large conference in Portland, Oregon, beginning November 3. Register ►
Join Us in Dallas — We’ve moved the AARP Livable Communities National Conference to a larger venue. So now, for the first time ever, this invitation-only annual event has room for community leaders and advocates we haven’t yet met. The gathering begins on November 14. Learn More ►
AARP Foundation is providing emergency relief to hurricane victims. Donations are tax-deductible.
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