Plus: Aging in Rural Places
October 25, 2017  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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In Praise of Pop-Ups and Popsicles
A poorly attended community meeting inspired a refreshingly cool idea.
The Power of a Piece of Chalk
When seeking answers, the simplest solution can be the smartest one.
Livability News & Notes
The Role of Toilet Paper in Transportation — Learn how a bicycling-friendly province in the Netherlands is wisely using waste. Source: CityLab ►
Walk This Way (by November 10) — Don’t miss the deadline to apply for a community change micro grant (of up to $1,500) to improve “the public sphere for walking or otherwise helping to make walking more commonplace.” Source: America Walks ►
Aging in Place in Small Urban and Rural Communities — That’s the title of a report by the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, which states: “Seniors and their families can potentially save thousands of dollars annually by remaining at home and utilizing home health and public transportation services.”
Source: North Dakota State University ►
Events, Resources & More
More From Where We Live — The first two articles in this newsletter are from the “Community Engagement” chapter of the new (free!) AARP book Where We Live: Communities for All Ages — 100+ Inspiring Ideas From America’s Community Leaders. Download or Order the Book ►
Speaking of Engagement — The National Association of Counties recently released Harnessing the Engagement of Your Employees, highlighting best practices for engaging county workers. Two tips: “Engagement of employees starts at the top” and “Never underestimate the power of a ‘thank you.’” Learn More ►
Join Us in Dallas — We’ve moved the AARP Livable Communities National Conference to a larger venue so, for the first time ever, this invitation-only annual event has room for community leaders and advocates we haven’t yet met. The gathering begins on November 14. Space Is Limited, So Don’t Delay ►