Plus: Will a Driverless Car Let You Drive?
December 6, 2017  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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If You Missed the AARP Livable Communities National Conference
You can watch lots of it now! The panels and keynote presentations from our event in Dallas last month were recorded. See what we heard from livability leaders including Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, transportation chiefs Roger Millar and Seleta Reynolds, and Julián Castro, a former San Antonio mayor and U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
Wait! There’s More
We also heard from Zipcar co-founder Robin Chase, Walkable City author Jeff Speck (pictured) and experts with first-hand experience building community resilience in the face of disaster.
Livability News & Notes
An Actress Invests in Affordable Housing — Texas native Eva Longoria visits a Dallas community that’s profiting from the bet she and others are making on social impact investing. Source: The Dallas Morning News ►
Does Your City Need a Night Mayor? — This is not a deadly graveyard shift job. Quite the opposite. It’s a potentially fun post that’s all about making public places enjoyable, lively and safe. Source: Medium ►
50 Lanes of Traffic — Take a look at this photo of the Beijing-Hong King-Macau Expressway. Yikes! Source: CityLab ►
Events, Resources & More
Last Call! — AARP is working with the American Planning Association on a survey about livability. If you’re a city or county planner (housing, transportation, parks, etc.) please answer the brief, anonymous, online questionnaire. Take the Survey ►
Will a Driverless Car Let You Drive It? — The AARP Public Policy Institute invites all who are interested in, excited for or fearful about the future of transportation to an hour-long conversation about what’s coming and when. Date: December 14. Time: 7 pm (ET). Where: Online. Learn More and Register Now ►
One Month to Go — The first-ever Engaged Cities Award is accepting applications from cities with populations of 30,000 or more that “successfully engage citizens to help create and implement solutions to pressing local problems.” The deadline is January 5, 2018.
Get the Details ►