Plus: So Many Award Winners
December 13, 2017  
Livable Communities Newsletter
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Is Where You Live on the List?
We’ve got a pair of Portlands, a set of Salems and many, many municipalities in Maine. The member list of towns, cities and counties in the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities keeps growing.
Our Year in Review
If you missed or want to re-read an issue of the AARP Livable Communities e-Newsletter, you can travel back in time whenever you wish.
Livability News & Notes
Groundbreaking Game Changers — Meet LA-Más, Abruzzo and Bodziak, SCAPE and Bionic, each a 2017 winner of an annual award honoring architects “who are making innovative work that’s changing the way the world functions.” Source: Curbed ►
Pathfinding Navigators — Meet the 10 individuals and teams being honored for working in or with state and local governments to “implement great ideas and deliver impactful services in the communities they serve.” Source: Route Fifty ►
And the Public Officials of the Year — Meet nine people honored as “outstanding examples of the strong determination, the bold ideas and the incredible amount of grit it takes to get things done in government.” Source: Governing ►
Events, Resources & More
Final Reminder #1 — The AARP Public Policy Institute invites all who are interested in, excited for or fearful about driverless cars to an hour-long evening webinar about what’s coming and when. Register now. Event Date: December 14, 2017 ►
Final Reminder #2 — The Engaged Cities Award is accepting applications from cities with populations of 30,000 or more that “successfully engage citizens to help create and implement solutions to pressing local problems.” Deadline: January 5, 2018 ►
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