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October 10, 2018 
Livable Communities Newsletter
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Farming So Neighbors Can Eat
A volunteer-run farm in Rhode Island feeds people of all ages in need. Perhaps your community could do the same next spring. (Check out the last link for a related free resource.)
Gardening Boxes for Grown-Ups
Standing raised-bed gardens are a practical solution for the dirt-averse and anyone with aching knees. Building such planters could become a winter workshop project.
Events, Resources & More
Getting Ready for Getting Older — By 2030, nearly one billion people worldwide will be age 65 or over, a group that between 2015 and 2030 will have grown at four times the rate of the overall global population. This year’s Aging Readiness and Competitiveness report examines the preparedness of 10 nations, all of which feature strong health care systems (and all but one of which provides universal health care coverage). Source: AARP International ►
Great Places in America — Good planning through good policies creates great neighborhoods, streets and public spaces. See the 15 locations honored this year by the American Planning Association. Source: ►
Walk Away With $1,500 — Apply by November 2 for a chance to earn a Community Change Grant to fund work that supports walking as a means of transportation, recreation and health wellness. Source: America Walks ►
Registration is open for the 2018 AARP Livable Communities National Conference.
Join us in Charlotte, North Carolina: November 12‑14
Community gardens are popular outdoor public places.
Order or download the new, free AARP publication
Creating Parks and Public Spaces for People of All Ages: A Step-by-Step Guide