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March 6, 2019
Livable Communities Newsletter
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Focusing on Rural Livability
Residents and representatives of rural areas and small towns discuss what livability looks like — and what it means — for older adults and people of all ages in America’s nonurban communities.
5 Questions About Rural Livability
AARP speaks with LaMonte Guillory of LOR, a foundation dedicated to preserving the character and supporting the prosperity of rural communities in the Mountain West.
Events, Resources & More
Here’s How America Uses Its Land — This data- and map-filled online report provides snapshots of what’s happening in the 1.9 billion acres of land that comprise the nation’s 48 contiguous states. Fact: Even though urban areas make up just 3.6 percent of all those states combined, four out of five Americans live, work and play there. Source: Bloomberg ►
Strengthening Rural Health Care for Older Adults — This multi-part series explores the health care challenges faced by older people in rural areas and highlights the innovations that are making a difference. Source: NextAvenue ►
Broadband Resources for Rural America — Poor internet connectivity plagues many remote communities and undermines the opportunities of the people who live in them. A new “e-connectivity” tool kit provides information about resources (including grants and technical assistance programs) that can help. Source: USDA ►
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Take a Quick Trip: The Focusing on Rural Livability slideshow provides a snapshot sampling of America’s small town, rural and remote communities.
Get a Copy: Created in collaboration with the National Building Museum, Making Room: Housing for a Changing America, is a photo-filled, solution-savvy free publication with information and inspiring examples for urban, suburban and rural communities.
The 2019 AARP Challenge Is On! Learn how your community or nonprofit organization can apply for an AARP Community Challenge “quick-action” grant to fund a project related to housing, transportation, smart cities or public spaces.